It’s been awhile.

Hey guys! How is everyone?

I’ve been quiet, I know. But I’ve been doing REALLY well!

I’ve been keeping my net carbs under 50 a day and eating around 1,200 to 1,300 calories. Boy, did it pay off!

We leave for South/North Carolina today and I’m 15 POUNDS LIGHTER!

If you have the willpower to cut out some carbs, and only have natural sugars (found in fruit and truvia for coffee) then I highly suggest it!





I haven’t been blogging much because I SERIOUSLY hurt my back a couple weeks ago. No idea how I did it. But it got really swollen and the doctor put me on muscle relaxers. Which means the last week I was pretty useless. Hence the hot dogs and pickles. Too lazy to cook some nights.

Spaghetti squash, meatballs, mozzarella and basil tomato sauce has been my favorite thing while watching my carbs. We eat it for dinner and lunch often! It tastes soooo naughty. But it’s so very nice.

Every morning, I’ve been making a protein smoothie with spinach that tastes like a peanut butter shake. No joke.


And we had pies galore at work this week for the partner’s birthdays and instead of having a slice, I just got a good size bite every day and I didn’t feel deprived at all!


I even had a few days where I ate what I wanted. Like at our friends Chad and Kate’s engagement party! OMG they had fried chicken, Mac and cheese, meatballs and chips. Basically all the stuff I love. And I still didn’t gain!


And last night we went to a wedding! I was nervous. About the food. And I promised my work mom, Paula, that I wouldn’t eat the cake. Not worth it. And I held up my promise! And luckily, the food was perfect! The most delicious broiled chicken, green beans and I even had a yeast roll. When we left, we were still a little hungry. So we stopped at Rallys. I was dying. Their fries are my jam. But I got a cheese champ. Took one bite. Then threw away the bun and just ate the burger! I woke up this morning and was still down a pound! Oh yeahhhh!


The gorgeous bride, her husband and I grew up together. It is the coolest thing in the world that they are now married. She has been my friend since I was about 2 years old. They came out to “I’m so fancy” which is my jam. And she walked down the isle to Guns and Roses. Best wedding ever!

Off to pack for our trip! Will update with beach pictures! ūüôā

Oh, and here’s Bo and my friend Meg’s dog Todd. Being adorable.





Mini Banana Cream Pies

What are you guys up to?

We’re having food Friday.



I had a huuuuuuge sweets craving tonight. Which is actually somewhat rare. So I decided the make something I’ve been wanting to try for so long but haven’t because it’s not great for you.

Plus, I deserved it after all the hard work I did today.



You will need:

-one package of your favorite sugar cookie dough
-one can of banana cream pie filling
-lite cool whip
-cooking spray
-muffin tin

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.


Ball up the dough then flatten it out so it becomes a big, round and flat “cookie.” Then press down into each muffin tin and press the dough up around the sides. Just like the mini quiche!

*The muffin tin is heinous, I know. But it’s been in my family since I was young and it works. So lay off me.

Bake for 15-17 minutes.

Let them cool!

Simply take a spoon, plop some banana cream pie filling into the cookie cups. Then top with a plop of cool whip. Plop. I like that word.


These babies appear fancy. And my god did they hit the spot. Like. NEW FAVORITE DESSERT. For at least a month. (I can’t be tied down to one dessert.)


Are you drooling? I thought so.


Go make them now. They’re so easy and so worth it.


About dang time.

Have a good weekend!


Wild Eggs and a Weigh In

HAPPY FRIDAY!! woop woop!

I truly was nervous about today’s weigh in. It’s mother nature time of the month for me. And that usually does disastrous things to your body’s physical weight. And mind. And diet.


But wow. I am so proud of myself. I’m tooting my own horn.


So, onward, I’d just love to be able to, at the very least, lose every time. Even if it is just a pound, I’ll take it!

I treated myself with a healthy version of my Wild Eggs favorite. Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict.


It usually comes with queso. I said no to queso. It was hard as hell to do that. I also got just egg whites. It also usually comes with potatoes. Which I switched out for fruit. Like I said, I’m in the zone!

we’ll touch base this weekend!

Have a good one!



Weigh in. Plus, a cat with a mustache.

Let’s start with the cat. We walked into Feeder’s Supply to get Carl’s special food and I made a bee line to the adoptable cats. That is when I saw this guy.


We caught him right when he was stealing an old lady cat’s toy in the cage next to him. He was a tyrant. The girls at the shelter called him Kitler. Tyrant or no tyrant, I NEEDED this cat. I wanted to take him home so bad. Luckily he was on hold. So I didn’t have to. His real name is Rambo and that fits him so well. He’s going to be so internet famous.

Moving on.

I was starving by dinner last night. I usually eat a Fiber One bar in the afternoon but I didn’t yesterday so I dominated some food.


I had a small serving of sweet potato fries. 1 serving of cream spinach. And two turkey burgers. I WAS HANGRY. I didn’t want my dinner to be overloaded with carbs, so I only ate one full bun. I was more than satisfied until bed time. Which is rare. I normally need a¬† nighttime snack. Even with this meal, I still somehow only took in 1,250 calories. I like to shoot for at least 1,400. But, I didn’t work out yesterday so I’m not too worried about it. We got to visit with some great friends and porch hang and that was much needed. In the Kentuckiana area, porch weather is the best¬†thing ever. I’m starting to hate being inside!


I’m pretty happy with that number. The trick for me will be staying on course this weekend. I have full faith that I can do it.

I’m so excited for date night. We have date night EVERY Friday. Pretty much regardless of what is going on. And I highly recommend it.

Go see the Neighbors movie so we can discuss it!

Be back with weekend activities and next weeks menu!


Happy Freaking Friday.




Sorry. Sort of. Okay, I am.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that it has been OVER a week and I am just now writing. I know that being busy is no excuse, however, I plan to make it up to you with a few pictures! (womp womp) I have not eaten on ANY kind of schedule this week. Like, ZERO organization, zero menu, “take my money, feed me what you will” type of stuff. Awful. I know. HOWEVER. With my new found mindset of eating healthy MOST of the time, I have an announcement.

I LOST 3 POUNDS. Well, 3 pounds died. I didn’t LOSE them. No, please, I do not want them back.

So, that’s exciting right? I THINK SO.

You know what I ate all of last week. So, let’s recap the weekend. The stuff I DIDN’T tell you about. Friday night, I did good at my favorite local Italian place. Everyone there knew that my order of a steak salad was killing me inside. Everyone knew I wanted the pasta drenched with garlic, cream and gorgonzola. Everyone knew I wanted the patty melt made with MEATBALL MEAT. Christ. I was so strong. Yes, I am tooting my own horn hard. Don’t care.

*Side note. That dinner was the first time mine and Mike’s mom’s and step dad’s had ever met. It was magical. To know my family and his family click. It’s a great feeling.

Mike’s family was staying in our tiny house, which I was having panic attacks about. I tend to put other people’s feelings ahead of my own, and I was SO WORRIED about what they thought/felt/etc. the entire time they were there and hoped they felt they had plenty of space. Although we did joke about the one bathroom A LOT, I think it turned out great. I made a new fat recipe Saturday morning for “brunch” or early death, whichever. Are you ready for this? A CINNAMON ROLL/FRENCH TOAST CASSEROLE.


There it is, is all it’s glory. But I didn’t stop there, no. Not Morgan. I also made TONS O BACON. I was pretty proud at how sinful it tasted. I probably won’t make it again. Too sweet. Too early.

Next, we attended Thunder of Louisville. I can’t explain in one post what it is. But I will try to sum it up. It is the WORLD’S longest running firework show and the Nation’s BIGGEST. It’s legitimately an hour of fireworks being fired off of TWO GIANT BARDGES AND a damn bridge connecting two states over a river. It’s magnificent. You go down to the river early in the morning, get a good spot, SMUGGLE IN BOOZE (so many tips coming for you), bring coolers and snacks and cash for food vendors. You basically get a sunburn, watch an air show (Blue Angels, awesome military and stunt planes), get tanked, maybe take a nap, and then watch the fireworks. It’s America at it’s finest. It is to kickoff the Kentucky Derby festivities. Which, will also have to be reserved for it’s own post. Basically, I love living here for these reasons. We know how to party. And my name is Morgan, and I like to party.

Here is the river/bridge that it happens over. This is the view from our office. Pretty amazing!


Every year, there is only one requirement at Thunder Over Louisville. And that is, Morgan MUST have a foot long corndog. Corndogs are up there on my list of favorite foods and I only eat two a year. One at Thunder, and one at the fair.


*Photo from FoodSpotting

I don’t even put mustard or ketchup on the golden rod. It’s perfect the way it is. Toto’s “Africa” played in my head at first bite.

“It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you. There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.”

If anyone ever tells me I don’t understand the struggle of losing weight because¬†they love to eat junk food, I will refer them to¬†this post about corndogs.

Lastly, we were also super busy putting finishing touches on our house before Mike’s family got here! We’re pretty proud. Our house is small which can be a bad thing, but because of that it is also very quaint. And I LOVE that.


*Never mind the random stuff laying around. Mid-cleaning.

I’ll be back this weekend with a menu and more weight/healthful eating updates. And never again will I go that long without checking in.





I realized after hitting publish, I could’ve included a picture of Thunder Over Louisville so you could get an idea. My camera died that night. So, here is a picture from google images.