Quiche Biche!

Hooray for my first recipe post. I will say, pretty proud of this one. I converted my breakfast hating boyfriend into wanting this meal again! AND AGAIN. We both have leftovers for lunch!

I’m going to try really hard to break the recipe down for you. I’m one of those non-measurer, eyeball, salt flying in the air types.


1 Pillsbury Refrigerated Roll out Pie Crust

1/2 Pound Ground Sausage of your choice. I used Tennessee Pride Sage.

6 Eggs

2/3 Cup heavy whipping cream

1 Cup Shredded Cheddar

1/2 Cup Shredded Swiss

1 1/2 Cup fresh spinach

1 1/2 Cup onion and mushroom mixed (I used frozen chopped onion to save time)



Pre-heat your oven to 350.

Start by greasing your pie dish. Roll out your crust into pie dish. Press firmly against the ends so that all of the pie crust is touching the pan.

In a skillet, brown the ground sausage. Add in or in a separate skillet, cook down the onion and mushrooms until soft. Drain.

Line the pie crust with fresh spinach.

Top spinach with sausage, onion and mushroom mixture.


In a mixing bowl, combine 6 eggs, 1/2 cup of swiss cheese, 1/2 cup of cheddar, 2/3 cup of whipping cream, salt and pepper.

Pour WELL BEATEN egg mixture over pie.

Top pie with 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese.

Bake for 45 minutes to an hour. Mine took about 50 minutes to be brown and beautiful.


Since I am watching my figure, but eat what I want, I chose to cut a tiny slice for myself. Mike had a giant slice. He’s a growing boy.


The only thing I would do differently is pre-prepare the sausage, onion and mushroom mixture. It would make things go a lot faster. And considering last night I was STARVING at 5:30 and we didn’t eat until 7:30, fast will always be good!

Mike decided he was going to start calling me snickers. Because “I’m not me when I’m hungry.” The force is strong in me. The force being the cravings for delicious food. When I want it, I need it.

50 minutes is a long time to watch something bake when you’re starving, so turn on a show and it’ll go by faster. We watched The Following season finale. Don’t get me started.

Happy Wednesday!





The Dark Side

I’d like to take you to the dark side for a moment. This will not happen often AT ALL, I can assure you. I started this blog so I could be totally honest about the process and totally honest with myself. I owe it to you all to lay a lot out there so you know who I am as a person and why this struggle even began in the first place. It also helps for me to write it all out. They opened an “immediate psychiatrist” place by my mom’s house. It’s called My Couch or something super lame like that. I can’t quite fathom how often someone will go there. Lord knows I have my moments of mental breakdowns, but I wouldn’t go pay someone $200 to sit on their designer couch and talk it out. I’d bother my mother, Mike or my best friend Meg. They all have one thing in common aside from my undying love for them. They tell it like it is. AND NOW I have this super sweet corner of the internet to tell everything too. Free therapy.

Let’s start with the question why are you overweight? How did you get here? I’ve been asked that before in a sincere light. And I never quite know how to give a short answer. So let me backtrack and explain where I’m at exactly and then my thought is that it will all tie back together at the end.

I’ve mentioned previously I have a myriad of health problems. I’m an experimental doctors dream come true. I am allergic to EVERYTHING. Grass, plants, anything with fur, mold, pollen and dust. I have eczema. But only on my hands. Yay, the best area I could have it. I have mild polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was diagnosed in 7TH GRADE. I also have some NEW cool thing called hidradenitis suppurativa which is basically cyst like boils in my armpits, which appears when I sweat a lot. I have sleep apnea. I don’t snore every night. I only truly snore when my nose is stuffy, which is unfortunately a lot, but my sleep report states that I am only TRULY asleep HALF of the time I think I am. And last, but certainly not least, my body is overrun with yeast due to doctor’s chronically putting me on antibiotics because they don’t know what else to do. Basically, my quality of life is pretty darn not good. I think I do a good job of hiding it. Which can sometimes be pretty hard. Mike’s mom calls me a delicate flower. I like her take on it. 🙂

I believe my health problems partly stem from being raised on the most OVERLY processed foods you can find. My mom lost a lot of weight once (that’s her story to tell) and she did it during the heyday of the FAT FREE craze. She did it. And nothing in this whole wide world makes it any less than it is, and I still to this day admire her so much for it. At the time, she didn’t know any better. The world gives you fat free hot dogs on a golden platter, you eat the damn fat free hot dogs happily. So I grew up eating fat free bacon, fat free cheese, fat free little debbies, fat free milk, fat free sour cream, fat free butter, this list goes on. When I turned 16, I had a car. And my own money. And I discovered how delicious Denny’s was. And my love for Arby’s and all things terrible for you. So I went from FAT FREE processed foods to FULL FAT processed foods.

SO. Me being overweight, in my humble opinion, is 60% on me, and 40% on my health problems. A lot of times it is hard to get through the day at work because I feel so exhausted, so going home and cooking dinner AND making it to the gym doesn’t happen like I picture it will in my head. It’s a cycle where, in order to feel better, I need to lose weight. But in order to lose weight, I need to feel better. That is what I am faced with every day. I’m taking it one step at a time.

I know for myself, too many carbs and too much sugar make me feel even more tired. So I try to limit them when it’s plausible. I also know if I was able to eat completely clean, meaning unprocessed all of the way, I would probably improve some of my health problems.

Cutting out EVERY carb and going weeks at a time only drinking liquids just to see the scale change is not the answer. I realized that two years ago. So I know this will be a longer process than I am used to. But what I am used to is absolutely TERRIBLE for my insides. And I realize now that my insides are what matters. Fix them, and the outside will fix itself. People spend too much time dieting to change their outside. To see the circumference of their thighs change, to see their double chin become only one chin. Those things are SUPER great. But if what you’re feeding yourself is wrecking your internal organs, it won’t matter how small you feel. Because you’ll FEEL like garbage and it will show.

As you know, I will never give up my bakery cake, my giant juicy cheese burgers and the occasional record shaped cookies. I just know now that to counteract that, I need to eat a lot of fresh veggies, fruit, grass fed beef, antibiotic free chicken and fresh seafood.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or a doctor blah blah blah. I’m speaking from my personal experience.

Be back soon with a NOT depressing post about FOOOOOD. Our favorite.



Sorry. Sort of. Okay, I am.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that it has been OVER a week and I am just now writing. I know that being busy is no excuse, however, I plan to make it up to you with a few pictures! (womp womp) I have not eaten on ANY kind of schedule this week. Like, ZERO organization, zero menu, “take my money, feed me what you will” type of stuff. Awful. I know. HOWEVER. With my new found mindset of eating healthy MOST of the time, I have an announcement.

I LOST 3 POUNDS. Well, 3 pounds died. I didn’t LOSE them. No, please, I do not want them back.

So, that’s exciting right? I THINK SO.

You know what I ate all of last week. So, let’s recap the weekend. The stuff I DIDN’T tell you about. Friday night, I did good at my favorite local Italian place. Everyone there knew that my order of a steak salad was killing me inside. Everyone knew I wanted the pasta drenched with garlic, cream and gorgonzola. Everyone knew I wanted the patty melt made with MEATBALL MEAT. Christ. I was so strong. Yes, I am tooting my own horn hard. Don’t care.

*Side note. That dinner was the first time mine and Mike’s mom’s and step dad’s had ever met. It was magical. To know my family and his family click. It’s a great feeling.

Mike’s family was staying in our tiny house, which I was having panic attacks about. I tend to put other people’s feelings ahead of my own, and I was SO WORRIED about what they thought/felt/etc. the entire time they were there and hoped they felt they had plenty of space. Although we did joke about the one bathroom A LOT, I think it turned out great. I made a new fat recipe Saturday morning for “brunch” or early death, whichever. Are you ready for this? A CINNAMON ROLL/FRENCH TOAST CASSEROLE.


There it is, is all it’s glory. But I didn’t stop there, no. Not Morgan. I also made TONS O BACON. I was pretty proud at how sinful it tasted. I probably won’t make it again. Too sweet. Too early.

Next, we attended Thunder of Louisville. I can’t explain in one post what it is. But I will try to sum it up. It is the WORLD’S longest running firework show and the Nation’s BIGGEST. It’s legitimately an hour of fireworks being fired off of TWO GIANT BARDGES AND a damn bridge connecting two states over a river. It’s magnificent. You go down to the river early in the morning, get a good spot, SMUGGLE IN BOOZE (so many tips coming for you), bring coolers and snacks and cash for food vendors. You basically get a sunburn, watch an air show (Blue Angels, awesome military and stunt planes), get tanked, maybe take a nap, and then watch the fireworks. It’s America at it’s finest. It is to kickoff the Kentucky Derby festivities. Which, will also have to be reserved for it’s own post. Basically, I love living here for these reasons. We know how to party. And my name is Morgan, and I like to party.

Here is the river/bridge that it happens over. This is the view from our office. Pretty amazing!


Every year, there is only one requirement at Thunder Over Louisville. And that is, Morgan MUST have a foot long corndog. Corndogs are up there on my list of favorite foods and I only eat two a year. One at Thunder, and one at the fair.


*Photo from FoodSpotting

I don’t even put mustard or ketchup on the golden rod. It’s perfect the way it is. Toto’s “Africa” played in my head at first bite.

“It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you. There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.”

If anyone ever tells me I don’t understand the struggle of losing weight because they love to eat junk food, I will refer them to this post about corndogs.

Lastly, we were also super busy putting finishing touches on our house before Mike’s family got here! We’re pretty proud. Our house is small which can be a bad thing, but because of that it is also very quaint. And I LOVE that.


*Never mind the random stuff laying around. Mid-cleaning.

I’ll be back this weekend with a menu and more weight/healthful eating updates. And never again will I go that long without checking in.





I realized after hitting publish, I could’ve included a picture of Thunder Over Louisville so you could get an idea. My camera died that night. So, here is a picture from google images.

I wish I loved oatmeal.

Good morning!

Is this week flying for anyone else? Cue the “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend” song.

This post will be short and sweet. I’m so excited to share some recipes with you all in the next few days!

BUT FIRST. I want to show/tell you my method for taking a big salad every day to work. Big as in I have a special giant purple mixing bowl that I dump it all in and eat it out of. I’m only 5’3, and our receptionist at work was putting “my bowl” up on the highest shelf in the cabinet. He had to be told to put it on the lowest so I could reach it. I think everyone is sick of me asking to get it down. SHORT PROBLEMS.

I will tell you up front, I usually rotate 4 salads. I will also tell you up front, I struggle with buying too many groceries then being wasteful and stuff goes bad. It’s a problem. I’m working on it. That is why 4 salads for my rotation is PLENTY at the moment. I have the BBQ/Ranch Chicken Salad, The “Sweet” Salad (as Mike calls it, apple, goat cheese, pecans and dried cranberries), The Taco Salad, and The Cheeseburger Salad.

My first step is buying a giant bag of romaine. Then to add to it, 2 giant bags of 50/50 blend salad mix. (When they have the option of a plastic container with a lid, I go for that!) On Sunday night, I combine ALL of the salad mixes in giant Tupperware bowls then add a paper towel at the top before placing the lid on. It keeps moisture out, and keeps your lettuce fresh, longer. On Sunday, I also chop up all veggies I will add to my salads. You can use ANY YOU’D LIKE! I chop up cucumbers, tomatoes and onion. FOOD STORAGE IS A HOBBY OF MINE. I buy it all. It’s SOOO helpful in the process, do yourself a favor and invest in some!

Now, it’s cooking time! I cook up all of the ground beef/chicken/meat I will be using in my salads for the week. Guess what I do with them? THAT’S RIGHT. Put them in containers! I know you guys are really smart, but for someone like me who a year ago only cooked pasta and thought salads anywhere but from The Chop Shop were gross, I feel like I owe it to you to TOTALLY break it down.

This a picture of everything in the BBQ/Ranch Chicken Salad! The tall “screw top” Ziploc storage containers are AWESOME for packing salads. You load the toppings into the bottom, line by line, then top it off with all of the greens. Then once it’s time for lunch, you throw it into a bowl, add your dressing and VOILA! And now that you have your lettuce and veggies all prepped and ready to go, it’s as simple as throwing it all in the container before you run out the door! I love it because the salad possibilities are ENDLESS.

*I would like to add that my stress level has gone down immensely from before when I didn’t take time out on Sunday to prep my lunches. Every morning, it used to look like Mike coming in the kitchen COMPLETELY ready to go and I’m in underwear about to pull my hair out and I STILL don’t have lunches ready. So, trust me. Taking the 10 minutes on Sunday to prep will not only help you save calories and have a delicious lunch, it will also help your sanity!

Funny story. And I hate to do this, considering you MIGHT like it. But this oatmeal is GROSS.

I REALLY wish I liked oatmeal. So many people I know that have lost the weight swear by it for their breakfasts. I can do the maple and brown sugar instant stuff, but this…no thank you. And, I couldn’t even pawn it off to my co-workers. They all thought it looked gross too. SORRY QUAKER. I’ll still buy your instant stuff. Love youuuu.

It’s hump day. So, I’m sure Mike will get a call from someone today shouting, “Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike”. Oh, how he loves that. *Sarcasm.
hump day

Talk to you soon!

*I feel like this post was rushed. You don’t deserve that. I’ll take my time next time. Promise.

Back to life.

I understand the appeal of Sundays. The last shebang of the weekend. However, I’m only a part-time fan of Sundays. While yes, it is the last day of the weekend, and is famous for being lazy, it also means the weekend is OVER.

So, I’ve been walking around my house singing “Back to Life, Back to Reality” to my boyfriend and cat. Which then led to an hour of watching Fresh Prince clips on YouTube. His moves. So good.

I promised you a weekly menu. And don’t worry, I’ll give it to you. But first I thought I’d explain some of my choices, my reasoning and delve a tiny bit into my eating habits. If you’ve been with me since post number 1, you know I’ve done EVERY DIET THAT HAS EVER BEEN A DIET EVER EVER. So I’m done. I’m taking little things from ALL of them and creating a GET HEALTHY, WEIGHT KILLING MACHINE. Hopefully. Most likely.

*If someone held a gun to my head and told me to tell them exactly what diet I was on, I would call it the “paying closer attention to my carb and sugar intake, half ass calorie counting, trying to reduce fake foods hybrid diet.

*Yes, it’s that serious that I do not say I am on a diet.

NOW. My patient friends. Here is what’s on the menu for the week!

Monday – Flat bread pizza with peach, spinach and gorgonzola. YUM.

Tuesday – Gluten free meatloaf with roasted zucchini. OH YES.

Wednesday – “Low carb” buffalo chicken wraps with veggie kabobs.

Thursday – GRILLINGGGGG. Turkey burgers and HOT DOGS. With green beans and corn on the cob.

Friday – Out to one of my favorite little Italian spots with Mike and his out of town Family!

I will tell you, lunch every day is salad. I am doing a post this week on preparing various salads for the week to make it easy to grab and go! Because convenience is a big deal to me. So I get it. I will also post a few of the recipes I make for dinner this week!

I just have to share a photo from my lunch Saturday at my favorite bakery/deli. You get a FREE cupcake with your combo. *FREE WHITE CUPCAKES. Do you even understand what that means to me? It’s the perfect place.

*I’m a firm believer in living a little on the weekend. You’ll see this trend. I think you should too. As long as you’re able to reel it back in right after! It definitely takes practice. But, I will always eat a free white cake/cupcake.


The Bakery is called Adrienne’s. If you live in the Kentuckiana area, or plan to pass through, it’s a MUST. Trust me. I know my yums.

Visitor, we advise you to consume mass quantities.

As I lay in bed, eating pad thai from a takeout box, watching Coneheads, I realized how accurate their food intake was to my binge eating. I told Mike if he ever hears me say “Consume mass quantities!” he should just knock me out. Because that means I’m about to dominate that entire Eggo Waffle box in the freezer. The struggle is real, folks.

To briefly touch on why I laid in my bed last night and ate pad thai while I’m trying to “watch what I eat”, the explanation is quite simple. I live in a city that CNN ranked THE WORST city in America for allergies. WOOP WOOP! We did it ya’ll! (ugh) So, with our ever changing weather, I had one SICK migraine. I woke to Mike handing me a bag of takeout, I’m pretty sure I also heard a AAAAAAAHHHHHH (like as if angels appeared.) And I don’t care how “sick” I am, there is always time for Mai Thai’s Pad Thai. Words can’t explain. I will most likely dedicate an entire post to her and her Thai food from the Gods one day.

This is me reeling myself in. AND back on point!

Let’s talk about lists. Are you a list person? OH MAN I am! I love them! If there were a career where I just made lists for people, I’d find my calling. I find one of the best first steps in any journey is to make a list with ATTAINABLE goals and keep it somewhere that it will be seen frequently. For instance, I made my little list in the front of my notebook where I write down *EVERYTHING I consume.

Here is my list. Nothing fancy. For me, this is a great starting place. Everything I wrote down is attainable. And if you notice, nothing says YOU CAN’T, or DON’T. Stupid words.

Starting Sunday, I will post every other day or so EXACTLY what I’m eating. I know when I read blogs about weight loss, I like to see it. I like to know what is working for some and not for others. I like to feel like I’m there.

My goal is to make you feel like you’re here. And we’re doing this together. Because my love for burgers and cake and all things CRAP will never go away. So, I’m determined to stick to something that doesn’t feel like food imprisonment. Food is too wonderful to me. And I’m sure it is to you.

Oh, and guess what? Tomorrow is Friday. You heard it here first! YOU’RE WELCOME.

Let’s start here.

I’ve always said if I had one wish, it would be to eat what I wanted and not gain weight. “Really!? Not a million dollars?,” is the response most people give me. Said people must not have grown up on diner cheeseburgers and eating Dobb’s white cake for every celebration. Had they even so much as tasted these things, and, I suppose, had my wonky metabolism/genes, they would wish for the same thing. I guarantee that.


I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life yo-yo dieting. I am now 25. I’ve successfully lost over 50 pounds a few times in my life. So, why am I starting over on a weight loss journey you may ask? Valid. I realized the common denominator to all of my failures (not losing and/or gaining everything back) was because they were “extreme” attempts. When I say I’ve done it all, that is not an exaggeration. I’ve said no to carbs, no to sugar in any form (even fruit), no to food in general (water fasting, the lemon-cayenne fast, juice fasting), the soup diet, the south beach diet, the “under 1,000 calories diet” a stupid asshole doctor thought was appropriate and last but certainly not least, Weight Watchers. I could write books, I could coach someone through every day of every diet, I could tell you how eating paleolithic will cure EVERYTHING EVERRRR and that eating that microwave meal is not natural. But, who am I to talk? I’m huge and I have a myriad of health problems. So I digress.


I hate the word journey, so for lack of a better word, take this journey with me. The one where you don’t eat like a gross person (it’s common sense, people) and keep a journal, to keep up with the amount of nutrients you stuff in your cakehole a day, and move more.

If this..



And this….



make you drool, and you wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds without swearing off all of your happy foods, then welcome to my world. Nice to meet you, I’m Morgan.


We will be spending a lot of time together in the future. We will delve deeper into things as time goes on.