To all of you who followed along with me as I got my start in the blogging world, I’ve just now realized that none of you can tell that I am, in fact, still blogging. I switched my platform over to Squarespace about a year ago. I thought it was strange that I never saw your comments any more, and that my readership tanked. Well, I clearly knew nothing and didn’t realize the impact switching from the WordPress community would have. I miss you all and the community very deeply. I do, however, love the ease and look of Squarespace and have been told by several developer/code friends to stay there.

I’m still at burgersinmycakehole.com chugging along with my weight loss goals. (I’m getting married in a year!!!) I also just bought a house! Crazy stuff and none of my WordPress friends have even noticed my posts because I’M A DERP. This is my apology. It sucks, I know. I miss you all. I’m going to go through my followers and be sure to subscribe to each of you so I don’t miss anything!


Lazy Girl Guac…oh, and fish tacos!

I’m so excited about this.

Actually, almost too excited.

It’s fish taco night in our house but all I can think about is my lazy girl guac. Sounds like a new rap song dance move. I will create that and report back.


All you do is combine the above ingredients. Make sure to drain the tomatoes! I add as much cilantro as I can because I LOVE CILANTRO.


It’s pretty amazing. I may even like it better than traditional guacamole. *gasp*


Lay tilapia filets out on an oiled baking sheet with foil.

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

“Shred” or cut in halfs and add to tortillas of your choice. Any toppings that you choose!



We make ours with a little bit of cheese, my lazy guac and some sriracha mayo. We found pre-made sriracha mayo at World Market and it’s good. I prefer the taste of it homemade that’s just one part sriracha and one part olive oil mayo. I sprinkle in some garlic powder because I use that stuff in everything.



Mike approves too! He loves taco night. I hope this can help you enjoy a “lazy” taco night. Pain free!

I expelled all of my energy at the gym tonight. Gotta get ready for Friday’s weigh in!

Happy Wednesday!


This week’s menu + clothes lust.

It’s Tuesday! We’re trudging through the week. But hey, at least the end is near.

I wanted to let you know what is on the roster for yums this week!

Last night, we had humbly sized steaks and roasted summer squash and zucchini. (This is making you giggle if you read my last post. I did, in fact, eat Chinese Sunday. Sue me.)


We simply threw the veggies in a pan with a little splash of olive oil, garlic powder and pepper. Cook on medium for about 20 minutes. Yum.

Tuesday Night – Low Carb fish tacos! MY FAVORITE FOOD EVER. Pictures and instructions to come. I wouldn’t even call this a recipe.

Wednesday Night – Grilled Turkey Burgers with grilled onions and sweet potato fries! I only eat half of a bun to cut down on some unnecessary carbs. 😦

Thursday Night – Grilled Tilapia with Pineapple Salsa and Roasted Green Beans. Can’t wait.

Friday Night – Date Night! I’m hoping we can go to Guacamole so I can eat my FAVORITE caesar salad and THE BEST, well, guacamole!

I will be including a weigh in this week. Time to get serious, y’all.

I was informed that Mike’s dad Steve will be providing us with a beach house and travel to South Carolina in August. I haven’t been on a real vacation trip in 6 years. It’s kind of insane. So this makes me INSANELY excited. Like, I can’t contain it. And OF COURSE, I want all new clothes for it. So, I’d like to lose a few by then. . 😉 I’ve spent way too much time on asos.com lusting over what I will be buying.


I like that they call the line Asos Curve. Because let’s face it, the “normal” girls look sickly and I’m proud of my curves. Those bitches will never go away. And I’m okay with that.

Be back soon with some instructions for DELICIOUS fish tacos!