Pour some sugar on me.

We had our last shebang tonight. Before a complete overhaul. While I have been eating relatively healthy, after watching Fed Up last night, there’s just no better time than right now.

I had a menu planned for the week and when mike texted me to ask what was for dinner tonight, I said either grilled chicken and asparagus or the little mexican restaurant by our house. We both have migraines and feel so yucky so mexican it was. The movie (Fed Up) moved both of us. So, we decided, let’s have our crappy yucky yummy food and start fresh tomorrow.


Us. Right now.


So, this movie. Fed Up. Have you all heard about it? It’s crazy. I mean, yes, I know a diet high in sugar causes obesity and metabolic syndromes such as type 2 diabetes. But this movie makes you go, oh my god, no wonder we’re in this boat. Then it reveals a lot about the government and how it’s all a vicious cycle to get us fat, get us hooked, then require health care, then require dieting help and everyone is rich. And we’re just sick and fat. And not like sick. Like, pass out, 5 years to live type of sick.

The beginning of the movie, I was already ready to cry. These extremely respected scholars explaining how you being fat is not because you’re a p.o.s. human being or a willpower-less bum, it just hit home for me. I blame myself for EVERYTHING always. And it certainly takes a toll on your mental health. It was like someone that mattered in the doctor world sat me down and said, look, this is going to be so hard. Losing weight is going to suck and there’s 1 million reasons why you could fail at every turn. But this is not all your fault. You will just have to be a lot stronger than other people.

<a href="https://burgersinmycakehole.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/img_4903-0.jpg”>IMG_4903-0.JPG

They went on to explain how, even from birth you can begin to get “obese” and launch metabolic issues. For instance, when I was born, I was Lactose intolerant. Therefore, my mom, not knowing any better, gives me lactose free formula. Because that is what she was told to do. But guess what? That formula was loaded with sugar! WTF FORMULA COMPANIES?! How do you live with yourselves?! Knowing you’re putting sugary milk powder on the market as ideal for babies. Crazy. And that’s just a DABBLE into all of the insane information in this movie.


I think my favorite thing that this movie totally accomplished for me, was making sugar look like a straight up sketchy ass drug. It went into scientific detail to how sugar is basically cocaine to people the way it reacts in their brains. But not only did it prove sugar is an addiction, it also made one of the most amazing conclusions that I had never thought of before. In the 90’s, early 2000’s, it slowly but surely became repulsive to smoke. The TV and Internet were loaded with anti-smoking campaigns. And cities banned it from indoor settings. Not only that, but in most places, you have to be yards away from a building to smoke. I work in a downtown building and its RARE to see a person smoking. Because they made it so hard to do so. And also, because it’s almost become “trashy”. So, why can’t they do that with sugar? Why can’t they expose it like they exposed smoking hazards, and why can’t sodas come with a warning label? Why can’t I know the daily percentage of sugar on nutrition labels? So. Many. Good. Questions.

So, try it with us. No sugar. No head fog. No sugar turning to fat storage in our bodies. I’m very excited to go forward with the new information I’ve learned from this amazing documentary. I hope the whole world sees it. And I hope we all can win the fight. Our future looks bleak without a change. I know mine certainly does.

If you made it through my insane ramblings, you deserve the most delicious sugar free cookie ever!!!

Be back tomorrow with what we’re eating this week and a recipe!



2 thoughts on “Pour some sugar on me.

  1. I used to have terrible headaches and eczema so I went to a naturopath who advised I need to go 3 months without sugar, with the first month being hard core detox – no alcohol and no sugar (not even fruit!). The first week was the hardest .. the urge to eat unnecessary sugar is SO strong, and I never realised how much sugar is in some things – like salad dressing!

    Anyway, just wanted to say I’m with you. Eating less sugar has been the best thing .. No more eczema and no more headaches every 2-3 days!

    I’m going to grab a copy of that movie and watch it!!

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