Bo the Boston and Mike’s 30th Birthday

I feel like so many of my posts begin with me apologizing for being away for so long. For not updating. For not working as hard as I should. And I hate it. HAAAAATE it.

But, we got a doggy. FINALLY! *happy dance*


Internet, Bo. Bo, internet! He’s pretty perfect…


But it is taking some work. Meaning I haven’t worked out in a week because I just want to cuddle his face!!


Then it was Mike’s 30th birthday!! The biggest, baddest birthday of them all! (I assume. I’m only 25.) We had lots of visitors and we did lots of cool things. Like visited the Louisville Slugger Factory and ate lots of food. And drank lots of drinks. I haven’t tanked by any means. But I haven’t said no to pizza and yes to grilled fish any time lately either.




All of the cousins and Mike’s sister! Good looking group.


So much fun was had. I’m still recovering. And I threw my back out somehow. Like, what?! That is just insane. I’m only 25!!!

Anyways, recipe and weigh in this week. I promise. Time to get very serious. I have a beach vacay in 3.5 weeks! Miss you guys lots! Excited to be back!



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