Short and salty.

Just a quick update with some meh looking pictures of food I’ve been eating. You all know the menu, but I included some photos of my lunches.

The type of lunch where you wake up in the morning in a mad panic because you have 1.5 hours to look presentable, find your only black pants, straighten your bangs, drive to your friend’s house, let their dogs out, feed them then let them out again. BUT OH SHIT. Don’t forget lunch or you’ll starve! Sound familiar? I hate it. I genuinely hate it. This is why I usually prep salads. Do I get a wee bit bored with them sometimes? Yes. Do I prefer a meh salad for lunch over feeling like a nut house dweller every morning? Yes.

On a much more comical note, my pants…well. My pants literally fell down today. Yes, my only black pants. I was walking to the bathroom and in my head I thought, “Oh my god, my pants are going to fall.” But it was so quick. So I just leaped into the bathroom as fast as I could and bam. To my ankles. I wish I wasn’t so stingy with money lately. I most likely need new black pants. Which is wonderful. My co-worker suggested suspenders. Hmmmm.








Dinners, followed by lunches. Mission’s Carb Balance tortillas are literally my saving grace. I remember when I did Atkin’s in high school, I tried some random brand’s low carb tortillas and I just kept thinking, “is this sand? AM I EATING A SANDTILLA?” Mission does it right. I honestly can’t even tell the difference. Lastly, for breakfast we each take a small sliver of banana bread to have with our morning coffee. (One of my favorite moments of the day. Because bread.)

This week, I’ve been *trying* to eat the brunt of my daily carbs before 5/6 pm. It’s just a theory I have, and I like to try things out. I will NEVER. EVER. give up carbs again. Like, Morgan + Bread = Love. Forever. I can, however, split up my days. I’ll let you know how it goes with Friday’s weigh in. Based on the ghost pantsing I encountered today, I’m going to go with that it IS working.

New recipe tomorrow!

What are you eating this week?



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