Thirsty Thursday

Short and sweet post. Just wanted to check in. Still fighting the good fight.

I’ve drank SO much water this week. I’m trying to make an effort to. My thirst has helped. It’s probably from all of the salty foods.

Here are a few things I’ve been eating.




I had been salivating thinking of a chicken quesadilla. So I made one at home with a small low carb tortilla and light cheese. So yummy.

I’ve been eating this easy Greek salad almost every day this week.

I didn’t work out at all except tonight. I’ve felt a little blah and when I get home I just wanna eat and crash. The only weak moment I had this week was when I was watching my Grandma Tuesday. She has pretty severe Alzheimer’s and my Grandpa golfs every other Tuesday to get a little break. I go keep an eye on her, and make sure she’s not weaseling her way into getting free ice cream from everyone. She thought she could get away with eating pie for dinner with my brother, so when I got there, I told her we had to go get her SOMETHING that wasn’t pie or ice cream. So,she decided she wanted White Castle. This woman. It’s a wonder I am the way I am. So yeah. I got a cheese burger. They’re very tiny and only about 180 calories. But still. I enjoyed it way too much.

Tonight, Mike and I went to the park. I really really needed it. I’ve been in such a funk this week. Trying to get out of it!







Feeding the animals always makes me feel better! Hope you guys are having a great week!



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