America’s Pastime


It’s about time we got to go to a baseball game. And on dollar beer night. Even better.


But, since we’re being honest, I’m not a huge beer drinker. I drink bourbon and wine. So I drank a lot of diet cokes. I picked a grilled chicken sandwich! Oh man, but I wanted these perfect nachos I saw this skinny girl eating. Story of my life.


Mike had two hot dogs and we shared fries. I also got a snack size of crack.
A.k.a. roasted almonds.


Oh, ballpark food. My mistress.
I’ll be back soon, love.


This is jake the diamond dog. He carries a basket of water bottles to the umps in between innings. And he also runs out and grabs the bats and brings them back to the dugout. He’s perfect.


This is Jake after the game. What a baby doll.


I’ll leave you with the loves of my life.
My momma, Joe and my man.

I’m so proud of myself for not eating nachos, hot dogs and funnel cakes.

See you tomorrow!



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