Lay Off Me

I would say it’s been a rough week. But really, all things considered, I held up on my promise to myself.

Oh, but there were times…


And reactions to burgers on T.V…


And that time I ate maybe 50 tortilla chips with our fish tacos and I got so mad at myself that I literally THREW the bag to the other side of the table with great force…


And that time that I ate the giant yeast roll with butter and let it melt in my mouth for way too long…


But, if the worst thing I did this week was eat a buttery yeast roll and too many tortilla chips one night, I think I’m pretty solid.

Honestly, the only thing I’m “mentally” struggling with right now, is I DON’T WANT A SALAD FOR LUNCH TOMORROW. But you know me, always figuring it out. Which I will.

Oh, and I’ve dreamed up 4 new recipes to try/master next week to share with you guys! Sorry for another weird week! Dad is okay! No worries!


WEIGH IN TOMORROW. See ya there!




*It should be pretty obvious that the above photos are not mine. They are from google search of things like “hungry” “fat” and “funny”. I do not own 3 cats and a Chris Farley. So I’m sure you knew that but I wanted to be safe!



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