Mother’s Day, chicken and this week’s menu.

My mom. The incredible super mom. The so young and fabulous she gets mistaken for my sister. (Because I too am young and fabulous. Duh.) The founder of me. The strongest woman on the planet.

Also, my downfall. Bringing my favorite iced cookies to grandma’s today! What was she thinking?!



These are my girls. Better than Beyoncé. And we all know that’s saying a lot.

I figured out a way to enjoy a cookie without going overboard. I shared it with my “step brother”*, Jack!


*Mom’s boyfriend Joe has two kids, Chase and Jack. They are 7 and 4. Mom and Joe may as well be married. So from here on, they will be referred to my step brothers.

Mike kept them entertained. They love him. And we love them.



Then we came home and cleaned like mad people. Our house just accumulates crap, I don’t even know how. So every Sunday, we clean like crazy. I EXERCIIIIISED THE DEMONS. This house is clean.


Every Sunday, I bake enough chicken for salads and other odds and ends to make life easier. I have a fool proof method to do so for not dry, yummy chicken.

Grab a big bowl. Put one tbsp of olive oil in it. Layer in the chicken breasts. (We use trader Joe’s individually frozen chicken breasts, but I thaw them) Then add one more tbsp of olive oil on top. Shake in your favorite seasoning. I use some blackening seasoning and oregano. And of course, garlic powder.


Bake on 350 degrees for 30 minutes on a bake sheet.

And voila.

This week’s menu includes:

Monday: Bourbon Turkey Burgers

Tuesday: Orange chicken and veggie stir fry

Wednesday: Grilled tilapia with Green Beans

Thursday: Greek chicken and vegetables

Friday: OUT!

I’ll be weighing in again Friday. Actually, I’ll be weighing in every Friday from now on. Good or bad.

Pictures and recipes to come!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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