Lotta salads. Lotta rain. Lotta AppleTV.

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m having a lazy one. But it’s been great. I got super sickly to my stomach Friday so we just hung low. It was strange, all I had that day was a Zoe’s Kitchen Greek salad. I dunno what happened.

I’m the QUEEN of salads lately. It’s an easy go to meal for me to not ruin my goals.




I’m a little obsessed with Jason’s Deli. I wish we had one closer to our house but it’s right by Trader Joe’s, so it works out a lot for us.

I’ve felt really great this weekend.
Not bloated and gross like I used to feel daily. Eating salads and cutting back on fried foods and sugar is just what I needed. And I’m in the zone.

We tried out the New Albany farmer’s market this weekend. What a bust. I don’t know if it was just because it was the first weekend or what, but there was not a single booth with fruits OR veggies. Only candles and soaps. One small booth with leftover salad items for $6. And a meat booth that we paid $21 for two ribeyes. Oh, and a small block of cheese for $10. I fully support locally owned and grown, but it just seemed kind of insane. So we ended up at Trader Joe’s to buy everything else we needed. Including more salad, meat and cheese. Better luck next time!

We’re cooking up the ribeyes tonight with small salads. I just whisk together some honey, olive oil and apple cider vinegar for the dressing. Mom made ribs for my grandma for Mother’s Day, so I have to at least taste test them. 🙂



It has stormed every day this weekend and looks like it plans to until about Thursday this week. I hate it because I love going to walk the trails!

But let’s be real, I love watching movies and tv as much. (If not more.)


Last night we watched the new adaptation of The Fog. I’ve never been so pissed off. They should have never re-made it. The Fog was perfect the way it was. So tonight, we’re watching a movie I already know I love.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m sorry it’s almost over. Be back soon with this week’s menu!!



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