Lazy Girl Guac…oh, and fish tacos!

I’m so excited about this.

Actually, almost too excited.

It’s fish taco night in our house but all I can think about is my lazy girl guac. Sounds like a new rap song dance move. I will create that and report back.


All you do is combine the above ingredients. Make sure to drain the tomatoes! I add as much cilantro as I can because I LOVE CILANTRO.


It’s pretty amazing. I may even like it better than traditional guacamole. *gasp*


Lay tilapia filets out on an oiled baking sheet with foil.

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

“Shred” or cut in halfs and add to tortillas of your choice. Any toppings that you choose!



We make ours with a little bit of cheese, my lazy guac and some sriracha mayo. We found pre-made sriracha mayo at World Market and it’s good. I prefer the taste of it homemade that’s just one part sriracha and one part olive oil mayo. I sprinkle in some garlic powder because I use that stuff in everything.



Mike approves too! He loves taco night. I hope this can help you enjoy a “lazy” taco night. Pain free!

I expelled all of my energy at the gym tonight. Gotta get ready for Friday’s weigh in!

Happy Wednesday!



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