Sorry. Sort of. Okay, I am.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that it has been OVER a week and I am just now writing. I know that being busy is no excuse, however, I plan to make it up to you with a few pictures! (womp womp) I have not eaten on ANY kind of schedule this week. Like, ZERO organization, zero menu, “take my money, feed me what you will” type of stuff. Awful. I know. HOWEVER. With my new found mindset of eating healthy MOST of the time, I have an announcement.

I LOST 3 POUNDS. Well, 3 pounds died. I didn’t LOSE them. No, please, I do not want them back.

So, that’s exciting right? I THINK SO.

You know what I ate all of last week. So, let’s recap the weekend. The stuff I DIDN’T tell you about. Friday night, I did good at my favorite local Italian place. Everyone there knew that my order of a steak salad was killing me inside. Everyone knew I wanted the pasta drenched with garlic, cream and gorgonzola. Everyone knew I wanted the patty melt made with MEATBALL MEAT. Christ. I was so strong. Yes, I am tooting my own horn hard. Don’t care.

*Side note. That dinner was the first time mine and Mike’s mom’s and step dad’s had ever met. It was magical. To know my family and his family click. It’s a great feeling.

Mike’s family was staying in our tiny house, which I was having panic attacks about. I tend to put other people’s feelings ahead of my own, and I was SO WORRIED about what they thought/felt/etc. the entire time they were there and hoped they felt they had plenty of space. Although we did joke about the one bathroom A LOT, I think it turned out great. I made a new fat recipe Saturday morning for “brunch” or early death, whichever. Are you ready for this? A CINNAMON ROLL/FRENCH TOAST CASSEROLE.


There it is, is all it’s glory. But I didn’t stop there, no. Not Morgan. I also made TONS O BACON. I was pretty proud at how sinful it tasted. I probably won’t make it again. Too sweet. Too early.

Next, we attended Thunder of Louisville. I can’t explain in one post what it is. But I will try to sum it up. It is the WORLD’S longest running firework show and the Nation’s BIGGEST. It’s legitimately an hour of fireworks being fired off of TWO GIANT BARDGES AND a damn bridge connecting two states over a river. It’s magnificent. You go down to the river early in the morning, get a good spot, SMUGGLE IN BOOZE (so many tips coming for you), bring coolers and snacks and cash for food vendors. You basically get a sunburn, watch an air show (Blue Angels, awesome military and stunt planes), get tanked, maybe take a nap, and then watch the fireworks. It’s America at it’s finest. It is to kickoff the Kentucky Derby festivities. Which, will also have to be reserved for it’s own post. Basically, I love living here for these reasons. We know how to party. And my name is Morgan, and I like to party.

Here is the river/bridge that it happens over. This is the view from our office. Pretty amazing!


Every year, there is only one requirement at Thunder Over Louisville. And that is, Morgan MUST have a foot long corndog. Corndogs are up there on my list of favorite foods and I only eat two a year. One at Thunder, and one at the fair.


*Photo from FoodSpotting

I don’t even put mustard or ketchup on the golden rod. It’s perfect the way it is. Toto’s “Africa” played in my head at first bite.

“It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you. There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.”

If anyone ever tells me I don’t understand the struggle of losing weight because they love to eat junk food, I will refer them to this post about corndogs.

Lastly, we were also super busy putting finishing touches on our house before Mike’s family got here! We’re pretty proud. Our house is small which can be a bad thing, but because of that it is also very quaint. And I LOVE that.


*Never mind the random stuff laying around. Mid-cleaning.

I’ll be back this weekend with a menu and more weight/healthful eating updates. And never again will I go that long without checking in.





I realized after hitting publish, I could’ve included a picture of Thunder Over Louisville so you could get an idea. My camera died that night. So, here is a picture from google images.


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