I wish I loved oatmeal.

Good morning!

Is this week flying for anyone else? Cue the “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend” song.

This post will be short and sweet. I’m so excited to share some recipes with you all in the next few days!

BUT FIRST. I want to show/tell you my method for taking a big salad every day to work. Big as in I have a special giant purple mixing bowl that I dump it all in and eat it out of. I’m only 5’3, and our receptionist at work was putting “my bowl” up on the highest shelf in the cabinet. He had to be told to put it on the lowest so I could reach it. I think everyone is sick of me asking to get it down. SHORT PROBLEMS.

I will tell you up front, I usually rotate 4 salads. I will also tell you up front, I struggle with buying too many groceries then being wasteful and stuff goes bad. It’s a problem. I’m working on it. That is why 4 salads for my rotation is PLENTY at the moment. I have the BBQ/Ranch Chicken Salad, The “Sweet” Salad (as Mike calls it, apple, goat cheese, pecans and dried cranberries), The Taco Salad, and The Cheeseburger Salad.

My first step is buying a giant bag of romaine. Then to add to it, 2 giant bags of 50/50 blend salad mix. (When they have the option of a plastic container with a lid, I go for that!) On Sunday night, I combine ALL of the salad mixes in giant Tupperware bowls then add a paper towel at the top before placing the lid on. It keeps moisture out, and keeps your lettuce fresh, longer. On Sunday, I also chop up all veggies I will add to my salads. You can use ANY YOU’D LIKE! I chop up cucumbers, tomatoes and onion. FOOD STORAGE IS A HOBBY OF MINE. I buy it all. It’s SOOO helpful in the process, do yourself a favor and invest in some!

Now, it’s cooking time! I cook up all of the ground beef/chicken/meat I will be using in my salads for the week. Guess what I do with them? THAT’S RIGHT. Put them in containers! I know you guys are really smart, but for someone like me who a year ago only cooked pasta and thought salads anywhere but from The Chop Shop were gross, I feel like I owe it to you to TOTALLY break it down.

This a picture of everything in the BBQ/Ranch Chicken Salad! The tall “screw top” Ziploc storage containers are AWESOME for packing salads. You load the toppings into the bottom, line by line, then top it off with all of the greens. Then once it’s time for lunch, you throw it into a bowl, add your dressing and VOILA! And now that you have your lettuce and veggies all prepped and ready to go, it’s as simple as throwing it all in the container before you run out the door! I love it because the salad possibilities are ENDLESS.

*I would like to add that my stress level has gone down immensely from before when I didn’t take time out on Sunday to prep my lunches. Every morning, it used to look like Mike coming in the kitchen COMPLETELY ready to go and I’m in underwear about to pull my hair out and I STILL don’t have lunches ready. So, trust me. Taking the 10 minutes on Sunday to prep will not only help you save calories and have a delicious lunch, it will also help your sanity!

Funny story. And I hate to do this, considering you MIGHT like it. But this oatmeal is GROSS.

I REALLY wish I liked oatmeal. So many people I know that have lost the weight swear by it for their breakfasts. I can do the maple and brown sugar instant stuff, but this…no thank you. And, I couldn’t even pawn it off to my co-workers. They all thought it looked gross too. SORRY QUAKER. I’ll still buy your instant stuff. Love youuuu.

It’s hump day. So, I’m sure Mike will get a call from someone today shouting, “Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike”. Oh, how he loves that. *Sarcasm.
hump day

Talk to you soon!

*I feel like this post was rushed. You don’t deserve that. I’ll take my time next time. Promise.


One thought on “I wish I loved oatmeal.

  1. Traders Joe’s Steel Cut Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar is the best AND the package that it comes in you can use to measure the water.

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