Back to life.

I understand the appeal of Sundays. The last shebang of the weekend. However, I’m only a part-time fan of Sundays. While yes, it is the last day of the weekend, and is famous for being lazy, it also means the weekend is OVER.

So, I’ve been walking around my house singing “Back to Life, Back to Reality” to my boyfriend and cat. Which then led to an hour of watching Fresh Prince clips on YouTube. His moves. So good.

I promised you a weekly menu. And don’t worry, I’ll give it to you. But first I thought I’d explain some of my choices, my reasoning and delve a tiny bit into my eating habits. If you’ve been with me since post number 1, you know I’ve done EVERY DIET THAT HAS EVER BEEN A DIET EVER EVER. So I’m done. I’m taking little things from ALL of them and creating a GET HEALTHY, WEIGHT KILLING MACHINE. Hopefully. Most likely.

*If someone held a gun to my head and told me to tell them exactly what diet I was on, I would call it the “paying closer attention to my carb and sugar intake, half ass calorie counting, trying to reduce fake foods hybrid diet.

*Yes, it’s that serious that I do not say I am on a diet.

NOW. My patient friends. Here is what’s on the menu for the week!

Monday – Flat bread pizza with peach, spinach and gorgonzola. YUM.

Tuesday – Gluten free meatloaf with roasted zucchini. OH YES.

Wednesday – “Low carb” buffalo chicken wraps with veggie kabobs.

Thursday – GRILLINGGGGG. Turkey burgers and HOT DOGS. With green beans and corn on the cob.

Friday – Out to one of my favorite little Italian spots with Mike and his out of town Family!

I will tell you, lunch every day is salad. I am doing a post this week on preparing various salads for the week to make it easy to grab and go! Because convenience is a big deal to me. So I get it. I will also post a few of the recipes I make for dinner this week!

I just have to share a photo from my lunch Saturday at my favorite bakery/deli. You get a FREE cupcake with your combo. *FREE WHITE CUPCAKES. Do you even understand what that means to me? It’s the perfect place.

*I’m a firm believer in living a little on the weekend. You’ll see this trend. I think you should too. As long as you’re able to reel it back in right after! It definitely takes practice. But, I will always eat a free white cake/cupcake.


The Bakery is called Adrienne’s. If you live in the Kentuckiana area, or plan to pass through, it’s a MUST. Trust me. I know my yums.


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