Visitor, we advise you to consume mass quantities.

As I lay in bed, eating pad thai from a takeout box, watching Coneheads, I realized how accurate their food intake was to my binge eating. I told Mike if he ever hears me say “Consume mass quantities!” he should just knock me out. Because that means I’m about to dominate that entire Eggo Waffle box in the freezer. The struggle is real, folks.

To briefly touch on why I laid in my bed last night and ate pad thai while I’m trying to “watch what I eat”, the explanation is quite simple. I live in a city that CNN ranked THE WORST city in America for allergies. WOOP WOOP! We did it ya’ll! (ugh) So, with our ever changing weather, I had one SICK migraine. I woke to Mike handing me a bag of takeout, I’m pretty sure I also heard a AAAAAAAHHHHHH (like as if angels appeared.) And I don’t care how “sick” I am, there is always time for Mai Thai’s Pad Thai. Words can’t explain. I will most likely dedicate an entire post to her and her Thai food from the Gods one day.

This is me reeling myself in. AND back on point!

Let’s talk about lists. Are you a list person? OH MAN I am! I love them! If there were a career where I just made lists for people, I’d find my calling. I find one of the best first steps in any journey is to make a list with ATTAINABLE goals and keep it somewhere that it will be seen frequently. For instance, I made my little list in the front of my notebook where I write down *EVERYTHING I consume.

Here is my list. Nothing fancy. For me, this is a great starting place. Everything I wrote down is attainable. And if you notice, nothing says YOU CAN’T, or DON’T. Stupid words.

Starting Sunday, I will post every other day or so EXACTLY what I’m eating. I know when I read blogs about weight loss, I like to see it. I like to know what is working for some and not for others. I like to feel like I’m there.

My goal is to make you feel like you’re here. And we’re doing this together. Because my love for burgers and cake and all things CRAP will never go away. So, I’m determined to stick to something that doesn’t feel like food imprisonment. Food is too wonderful to me. And I’m sure it is to you.

Oh, and guess what? Tomorrow is Friday. You heard it here first! YOU’RE WELCOME.


5 thoughts on “Visitor, we advise you to consume mass quantities.

  1. great post, im definitely a list person because it always keeps me on track. its really inspiring to see people have dedication toward their health goals!! i would love to help you get to your goal weight! i make customized programs (full meal menu plans and workout designs too) that allow my clients to eat what the want with IIFYM and have certain macro counts they track to reach their goals. They’re extremely effective and I provide high quality coaching with the plan for one month for just $20 (total)<–cheap because its on sale and I want people to see results without spending a ton of money. if youre interested, you can find more here: or contact me at if you have any questions!

  2. I always want Chinese food when I have a migraine. I told my Dr that, and he said I was wasn’t the first to tell him that – Chinese and Thai food are common migraine craving. Hope you are feeling better!

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